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Rheem RGPN Series Upflow / Horizontal 80% Gas Furnace

Our new Super Quiet design provides dependable comfort without the sound generated by most Upflow/Horizontal 80% gas furnaces.

  • Super-Quiet Design we re-engineered the door and top-plate to provide a sound barrier between the furnace's operation and your home.
  • Heat Exchanger Awarded three patents, this heat exchanger is constructed of aluminized and stainless steel for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Induced Draft Motor quietly provides air for combustion while simultaneously venting outdoors the products of combustion from the furnace heat exchanger.
  • Redundant Gas Valve is a 24-volt slowopening valve that delivers gas in a regulated flow to the patented "in-shot" burners
  • In-Shot Burners gas is ignited by the direct spark ignition at the in-shot burners. The inshot burner's shutter-free design requires no adjustments to regulate the air/gas mixture
  • Direct spark ignition is an extremely dependable and efficient way to light the burner and it eliminates the need for a standing pilot. The remote flame sensor constantly monitors the burner flame to ensure it is operating as it should.
  • Adjustable Air Speed can precisely match airflow to the specific comfort requirements of your home
  • Integrated Furnace Control The "Brain" of the system is the Integrated Furnace Control (IFC) which directs all activities of major furnace components. The control features low-speed continuous fan operation and accessory terminals.
  • Optional L. P. conversion kit
  • Cleanable high-velocity filters
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Model IDModel NameInput
29837RGPN-05EAUER50.041.080.0520 - 12701/26.81534x28.9x1485
29838RGPN-07EAMER75.060.080.0746 - 13931/27.11534x28.9x17.5105
29839RGPN-07EAMGR75.060.080.01065 - 20503/49.52034x28.9x17.5105
29840RGPN-10EAMER100.080.080.0745 - 14101/27.11534x28.9x17.5115
29841RGPN-10EBRJR100.081.080.01135 - 23203/49.52034x28.9x21120
29842RGPN-12EARJR125.099.080.01145 - 23653/49.52034x28.9x24.5140
29843RGPN-15EARJR150.0119.080.01105 - 23403/49.52034x28.9x24.5150
  • Conditional Parts Warranty - 10 Years (Registration Required)
  • Limited Parts Warranty - 5 Years
  • Limited Heat Exchanger Warranty - 20 Years


2820 Governors Dr., Huntsville, AL 35805


Alabama HVAC certification #01320

Refrigeration certification #51421

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